Zambia Walking Safaris

The "Walking Safari" was pioneered in the Luangwa Valley, it's considered by many to be the ultimate way to experience a safari. Personally I get a little nervous on a walking safari, but Luangwa is without a doubt, home to some of the best trained safari guides in Africa. And it's a good guide that will really make or break your safari experience. All walking safaris in Luangwa will have an armed scout as well as a guide leading the way.

Walks are exciting but not too strenuous, so you don't have to be super fit. Walks can last from 4 hours to 5 days. Children under 12 are not allowed to go on a walking safari. Walking safaris are offered at every camp and lodge in South Luangwa. Norman Carr safaris were the first to offer walking safaris in the Luangwa Valley 50 years ago, and they still operate some of the best. Robin Pope was the first operator to offer mobile walking safaris that last up to 5 days.

Your time in South Luangwa is likely to be split with safaris on foot, as well as traditional game drives where you're spotting animals from the back of a 4x4.

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Chikoko Trails
(Minimum 3 nights)
North Luangwa Walking Safari
(11 Days)
South Luangwa Walking Safari
(11 Days)