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Zambia is has a relatively young tourist industry, growing with the volume of people visiting Victoria Falls on its southern border. Livingstone is the new gateway to the falls and its unexpectedly wide array of adrenaline activities, game parks, and scenic beauty. With the attention has come the discovery of pristine parks of Lower Zambezi. For the purists, this is one of the last untouched safari experiences on the continent.

Few places in the world remain as wild as they were 150 years ago, when explorers like David Livingstone ventured into lands that were terra incognita. And while Africa, like the rest of the globe, has become familiar, portions of it are evocative of that earlier era when the bush teemed with animals and a sense of nature’s immensity was palpable. That sense remains in Zambia. Nearly half the country is preserved in parks and game reserves, offering an unparalleled wilderness safari experience. Zambia, land of untamed rivers, thundering waterfalls and vast herds of game, is still for explorers.

www.Photo-Safaris.com will develop a customized Zambia safari for you. The majority of our Zambia  safari holidays are tailor-made to each guests’ specifications - so your vacation in Zambia will be uniquely suited to your special interests. We do all of the research and planning. We cover all of the details. All you need to do is pack your bag and enjoy the special wonders of a Zambia vacation – Zambia, the REAL Africa!


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Customized Safaris in Zambia - www.photo-safaris.com Customized Safaris in Zambia - www.photo-safaris.com Customized Safaris in Zambia - www.photo-safaris.com
The Luangwa Encounter (TBC)
(9 Days)
Luangwa Lion Cubs (NCS)
(7 Nights
Classic Luangwa Safari (NCS)
(10 Nights)
  Customized Safaris in Zambia - www.photo-safaris.com  
  Essential Zambia (NCS)
(10 Nights)