We ONLY market Realistically Priced Botswana Safaris!! 

With the ever increasing rates of certain camps and lodges in Botswana, (making such camps only affordable for the super wealthy), we have decided to stop marketing such camps, and in future focus on marketing only reasonably priced safari camps.

Some camps have now become so expensive, that there is no reciprocity between value given and value received, which will now be the deciding factor in us marketing Botswana Safaris!

Below are a selection of realistically priced, customized safari itineraries. None are set in stone, and can be tweaked to meet your exact requirements.

Our Grading:

  Top of the line, Luxury Premier Accommodation
    Luxury Classic Accommodation
  Rustic Accommodation or Mobile Tented Camps

Please click on the images for detailed safari itinerary information.
  Affordable Botswana with
Roots and Journeys (10 Days)
Jacks' Camp
Dive into the Delta
(6 Days)
The Hidden Migration
(7 Days)
Desert and Deltas
(7 Days)
Two Sides of Botswana
(7 Days)
Botswana on a Budget
(10 Days)
Untamed Botswana
Customized Safaris in Botswana - www.photo-safaris.com Leroo La Tau 
Magical Botswana and Vic Falls
(11 Days)
The Kwando Safari
(9 Days)
Desert and Delta Honeymoon Safari
(9 Days) 
Romance in Botswana - Customized Safaris in Botswana - www.photo-safaris.com   Contrasts of Botswana - Customized Safaris in Botswana - www.photo-safaris.com    
Romance in Botswana
(7 Days) 
Contrasts of Botswana
(9 Days) 
The Ultimate Family Safari
(9 Days)