Tailor-made Namibia Safaris

Customized Safaris are designed for you, based on your dates, budget and interests. Please contact us and have an expert safari consultant at www.Photo-Safaris.com develop a customized Namibia safari itinerary for you.  

Namibia is one of the planet's most scenic, and undoubtedly its most eclectic, countries. From the apricot dunes of the Namib; to the sweeping, ancient and lonely vistas of the Skeleton Coast; to the bronzed valleys of its interior, Namibia is a photographer's dream. And, with but 1.5 million people sharing 315,000 square miles, Namibia is a good place to be alone. Etosha National Park is both rich and diverse in wildlife-from its famous lion to the healthiest remaining black rhino population in Africa.

Below are a selection of customized safari itineraries. None are set in stone, and can be tweaked to meet your exact requirements! We do all of the research and planning. We cover every detail. All you need to do is pack your bag and enjoy the special wonders of Africa!

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Best of Namibia Safari
(7 Days)
Journey through Northern
Namibia (7 Days)
Namibia:- The Full Works
(12 Days)
  The Ulimate Namibia Safari
(16 Days)