Botswana Family Safaris

Botswana is a great family safari destination. You can enjoy a lot of safaris from the water in traditional canoes called mokoros. There are opportunities to track animals with San bushmen and skip across the border to see the magnificent Victoria Falls. Since a lot of travel within Botswana is done by light aircraft you also don't have to spend too much time in cars driving long distances, which can be boring for kids.

Botswana is one of the best, but most expensive safari destinations in Africa. The older the children, the more they'll remember.  We would recommend children be at least 10 years old to get the most out of a family safari in Botswana. Most safaris in Botswana will run between the months of March and November.

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Jacks' Camp
Dive into the Delta
(6 Days)
The Hidden Migration
(7 Days)
Desert and Deltas
(7 Days)
Two Sides of Botswana
(7 Days)
Botswana on a Budget
(10 Days)
Untamed Botswana
Customized Safaris in Botswana - Leroo La Tau
Magical Botswana and Vic Falls
(11 Days)
The Kwando Safari
(9 Days)
Desert and Delta Honeymoon Safari
(9 Days)
Romance in Botswana - Customized Safaris in Botswana - Contrasts of Botswana - Customized Safaris in Botswana -
Romance in Botswana
(7 Days)
Contrasts of Botswana
(9 Days)
The Ultimate Family Safari
(9 Days)