Makgadikgadi and Nxai Pan Safari Camps and Lodges



The great grass plains of Makgadikgadi and the associated pan complexes of Sowa, Ntwetwe and Nxai are scenically stunning; the first-time visitor is invariably struck by the immensity of sky and horizon of the Botswana landscape.

The large pans of Makgadikgadi are the most visible remnants of a lake that has been formed more than five million years ago and it is probable that the pans held significant amounts of water for long periods of time as recently as 1500 years ago.

From May through to November the Parks are home to herds of zebra, springbok and wildebeest. As the rains fall, so these grazing herds, accompanied by their predatory followers in the shape of lion, cheetah and hyaena, move north, across the Maun to Francistown road, into the extended Nxai Pan National Park.

Nxai Pan itself is an extensive grass plain, part, once again, of the old lake bed, which is rather more generously covered with acacia trees. At its best, Nxai Pan can offer the most spectacular game viewing. In addition to the more common species such as zebra, springbok, wildebeest and their predators, there can be exhilarating sights of large herds of giraffe, gemsbok and eland.

Both dry season and wet season visits to this park are recommended in order to witness the dramatic appearance of the pans at their driest and to experience the transformation to a water wonderland, and see the wildebeest and zebra migrations, in the wet season.


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