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Wildlife photography and traditional safaris don't often mix. As a photographer, it's always frustrating when your guide, or the people on your safari vehicle, are uninterested in subjects that you would like to photograph.


Dedicated Photographic Safari Vehicle with Asilia Africa - www.photo-safaris.com

Photo Credit:- Asilia Africa

Wildlife photography requires patience, preparation, dedication and a guide that understands how to get you into the right position for that perfect capture. You also need lots of space and equipment to move in your vehicle. In short - you need to go on a dedicated photographic safari!

We are proud to anounce that we have teamed up with Asilia Africa, to bring you the best dedicated photographic safaris in both Kenya and Tanzania  - expert guides and specially adapted photographic Safari vehicles!

Asilia Photographic Safari Vehicles

Our Photographic Safari vehicles can accommodate 3 photographers (and their equipment) as well as 1 additional guest who would sit beside the driver. The driver’s side seat is not accommodated for photographer’s though, so they would just be joining for the ride and experience.

Photographic Safari Vehicle Extras

  • Drop-down sides for photographers to lie down and get low angle photographs
  • Three 360º swivel seats, one per “row” – seats also lean right back if required
  • Only front and back bars to hold up the roofless obstruction of view for photography
  • Beanbags and foam camera rest (photographers advised to bring their own tripods)
  • All the usual Asilia vehicle kit – fridge, charging points, roll down sides for bad weather etc.

Need to Know:

  •  Accommodates 3 photographers + 1 additional guest in front seat next to driver.
  • Seat next to driver is not specialised/no additional functionality so if there are 4 photographers we ask our agent partners to manage their
    expectations at booking stage that they must take turns.
  • Not possible to use from a 3rd party property – must be an Asilia Camp.

Located At The Following Asilia Camps

Specialist safari photographic vehicles are available in four of our locations across Kenya and Tanzania.

Serengeti North: The vehicle is based at Sayari Camp, but also bookable from our three migration camps, when they are in the North – Olakira, Ubuntu, and Kimondo Migration Camps.

Serengeti Central: The photographic safari vehicle is based at Namiri Plains, but bookable from Dunia and Ubuntu Migration Camp from May to July, when the camp is in the Western Corridor.

Ruaha National Park: Based at Jabali Ridge, and also bookable for Kwihala

Masai Mara: The vehicle will be based at Naboisho and is bookable from Rekero, Encounter Mara and Mara Bush Houses


Photo Credit:- Asilia Africa

How to Book:

Please check availability of the vehicle with your safari consultant and book the same way you do a private vehicle.


Naboisho Camp (Naboisho Conservancy / Masai Mara) Kenya - www.photo-safaris.com

Photo Credit:- Asilia Africa


  • Serengeti North: based at Sayari, also bookable from Olakira Migration Camp (North), Ubuntu Migration Camp
    (North), Kimondo Migration Camp (North)
  •  Serengeti Central: based at Namiri Plains, also bookable from Dunia, Ubuntu Migration Camp (West)
  • Ruaha: based at Jabali Ridge, also bookable from Kwihala.
  •  Masai Mara: based at Naboisho, also bookable from Rekero, Encounter Mara, Mara Bush Houses.


  Cost for the Specially Adapted Safari Vehicle:-$500 per day supplement.
Please contact us for a quote based on your envisaged period and duratrion of travel.