Semliki Safari Lodge (Toro-Semliki Valley Wildlife Reserve) Uganda


Semliki Safari Lodge (Toro-Semliki Valley Wildlife Reserve) Uganda -



Semliki Safari Lodge is a luxury safari camp located in the Toro-Semliki Valley Wildlife Reserve in Uganda. It is the only lodge in this region so guarantees guests ultimate privacy and seclusion to explore the variety of ecosystems within the reserve from tropical rainforest to open grassy plains to wetlands and Lake Albert.

The park's location, well off the beaten track makes it an ideal place to spend a few days relaxing and game viewing and away from the rest of the world.


Semliki Safari Lodge (Toro-Semliki Valley Wildlife Reserve) Uganda -

Accommodation & Facilities:

Guests at Semliki Safari Lodge have the whole valley to themselves: this award winning lodge is the only lodge in the entire Semliki Valley.

Semliki was built in the grand old safari tradition with canvas tents under thatched roofs…but this is far from camping. Gleaming hardwood floors, four poster beds, persian carpets…each room has electric lights and ensuite bathrooms with running water. Each has a veranda overlooking wonderful views. When your tea or coffee is brought to you in the morning – you can sit in your bathrobe taking in the views of mountains and savanna, forest and river valley. The main lodge is a large, comfortable living space where our guests converge to watch the sun set, listen to stories and gather around the massive hand-hewn tables to share their experiences of the day. Lots of comfortable armchairs and sofas.

Semliki Safari Lodge (Toro-Semliki Valley Wildlife Reserve) Uganda -

Wildlife & Activities:

Activities on offer include day and night game drives, guided bush walks, boat trips on Lake Albert, jungle walks, bird watching, hiking, fishing and visits to the local community. Guests can also join resident chimpanzee researchers on guided chimp walks to assist them with their research.

The unique geography of the reserve is reflected in the diversity of wildlife species found here. Both the forest species of Central Africa (i.e.: forest buffalo, a darker leopard sub-species and the smaller forest elephant) as well as the key savannah species of East Africa such warthog, buffalo and numerous antelope species and lion can be found here, although big cat and elephant sightings are only occasional in this area.

The bird life is also unique in that the reserve is graced with both southern and northern migrants, the wetlands teem with birds, including the rare and hard to find shoebill which nests in the shallows of Lake Albert.


  Accommodation Rates:-  From $400 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary.