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Mnemba Island Lodge (Zanzibar Archipelago) Tanzania -


Imagine an island, a small, perfect island, with coral sands and balmy air; ultimate beach luxury with warm white sands and clear turquoise seas, an unspoilt, natural haven of absolute privacy and peace, and discover that this is no hazy dream… it is Mnemba. This extraordinary island is surrounded by coral reefs protected within a Marine Conservation Area off the north-eastern tip of Zanzibar. With powder-soft sand, palm trees and a cool woodland center, Mnemba Island, Zanzibar is a natural sanctuary for wildlife, and an ideal exotic honeymoon choice.

The island center is a cool pine forest, and the eastern coastal aspect feels quite wild and unkempt despite its diminutive size. A walk here is pleasantly lonely, invigorating for all the natural intrigue of forest and beach, with enticing options to trip lightly from the water’s edge to explore coral reefs vibrant with color and life. Between December and March Mnemba’s rare green turtles may be seen laying their eggs, and dolphin pods are commonly seen throughout the year. Nature walks around the island a wide variety of sea birds whilst snorkeling amongst the coral reefs introduces one to the magnificent colorful aquatic world.

Mnemba Island Lodge (Zanzibar Archipelago) Tanzania -


Hand-woven from traditional Zanzibarian palm-matting, each of the ten secluded bandas on Mnemba Island provides an ultimate expression of 'barefoot luxury'. Set back into the fringes of the pine forest at the island center, Mnemba's rooms are carefully located to ensure absolute privacy, and built onto wooden platforms over the sand. Detailed woodcarvings and the scrolled headboards adorning the beds are created by some of Zanzibar's most skilled artisans.

Your palm-woven suite is wonderfully spacious, with billowing light cotton nets and soft African prints through the veranda, wide bedroom and distant bathroom. The voluminous beds enjoy uninterrupted views of the beach and ocean, and secluded peace and distance from the nine other beach chalets set back among the trees along the eastern shore. Each banda is made of natural local materials, with a detached, spacious bathroom accessed via a palm-woven walkway.


Mnemba Island Lodge (Zanzibar Archipelago) Tanzania -


Each room has its own spacious veranda that is hidden in the shade of the tropical beach forest, and a private pathway onto a secluded area of the dream inspiring coral sand beach. Verandas are constructed with built-in barazas, (perfect for afternoon siestas), comfortable chairs for reading and a writing table.

There are also outdoor swing beds, and private, shady beach salas with simple Zanzibari loungers. The Communal Areas Thatched dining and bar areas have been constructed with conscientious awareness of place, curving along the beach to make the most of breathtaking sea views and spectacular coral reefs beyond.


Mnemba Island Lodge (Zanzibar Archipelago) Tanzania -



Mnemba Island is a coral atoll in the Zanzibar archipelago, surrounded by thriving, vibrant reefs and gin-clear Indian Ocean. Welcome to some of the best diving in the world. Mnemba Island Lodge runs a fully equipped PADI dive school and two dives per day (for PADI qualified divers) are included in the price of your stay.

The waters around the island are awash with colorful marine life - with approximately 4 times the range of fish species than the Caribbean. With an average visibility of between 20-60 meters and warm waters, (average temp 27 degrees C), and numerous colorful shallow sites to explore, it is a stunning diving location for experts and beginners alike. Visibility is generally better after the November rains, between November and March.

Mnemba's 'house' reef is one of the best in Zanzibar, with clear shallow waters, and dropaways to an average of 40m. The Great Wall is stunning, plunging steeply from 35m to 70m. Dolphin and turtles are commonly seen on dives here. The reef surrounding the island beach is colorful and thriving, making for fun snorkeling at any time. These waters, famously fished by Hemmingway, have nurtured some of the world's largest catches... there is at least a good chance of catching your supper.

Mnemba Island Lodge (Zanzibar Archipelago) Tanzania -


Relaxation is the hallmark of Mnemba, but boating and fishing, as well as snorkeling and diving off the coral reefs, are irresistible diversions in this idyllic retreat. There can be no better way to punctuate an East African safari than this blissful haven, where balmy waters lap the sun-soaked shore. Water skiing, Wind surfing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving (only if qualified and holding PADI Certificate or equivalent).

Mnemba is all about the sea and the beach, and when you tire of lying on the softest, whitest sand in the world, beach chairs and beds offer a chance for elevation. >

"You may have heard enough beach hyperbole to last a lifetime: 'pure-white, lustrous, silica-soft sand, surrounded by a brilliant turquoise sea'. Mnemba is all these, and more."

Sun Sunday Mail newspaper (Australia)


  Accommodation Rates:- From $1,270 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary.