Medjumbe Private Island (Quirimbas Archipelago) Mozambique


Medjumbe Private Island (Quirimbas Archipelago) Mozambique -



Shaped like a dropped pearl, Medjumbe Private Island lies at the northernmost reach of the 250km long Quirimbas Archipelago - a spectacular 45-minute flight from mainland Pemba in northern Mozambique. Here you can escape to your own private paradise, where unexplored dive sites and spectacular marine life await discovery.

Medjumbe is as close as one gets to earthly paradise, with unending stretches of silver beach reaching down to a translucent, aquamarine sea. Sea, sand and sky merge here in blissful cohesion, whilst unspoilt beaches, coves and small bays lie waiting to be discovered. With the island uninhabited and the surrounding ocean protected, Medjumbe represents a world untainted by man. Surrounded by such natural beauty, your soul will soar as your body relaxes into languid bliss.

Access to Medjumbe Private Island is via a scenic light aircraft, operated by CFA Air Charters, transfer from Pemba Airport - 45 minutes in duration. Pemba, situated on the mainland in northern Mozambique, is accessed from Johannesburg, with direct flights operated by Airlink, as well as from Maputo, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi.

About the Quirimbas - Northern Mozambique Coast

The idyllic islands that comprise the Quirimbas Archipelago stretch for 250 km along the northern Mozambican coastline, from the historic port of Pemba in the south to the town of Palma in the north.

With its 27 islands virtually untouched and unexplored, the archipelago represents one of the few tropical island destinations in the world still untainted by man's influence. The 1500km2 Quirimbas National Park provides sanctuary for the remarkable flora and fauna residing in this marine area. Feeding and nesting grounds for sea turtles, dugongs, dolphins, sharks and whales are protected here, as is a vast expanse of tropical forest. Included within the park are 11 unspoilt coral islands, which are strung along the coastline for 100km in extent. These coral atolls boast vertical drop-offs of up to 400 meters, abundant with coral-covered caves and tropical fish, ranging from Gobies to mammoth Napoleon Wrasse, as well as game fish such as Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel.

The Quirimbas have enormous cultural and historical value and are a melting pot of Arabian, Portuguese, and African influences. Ibo Island, with its coral reefs, mangroves and magnificent old fortresses, has a fascinating and disturbing history. With its prime location off the East African coast, the island became a significant trading post for gold, ivory and later slaves between the 16th and 19th centuries. Today visitors can visit relics from the slave trade and watch silversmiths hand-fashion intricate silver jewelry as they have for generations.


Medjumbe Private Island (Quirimbas Archipelago) Mozambique -


Medjumbe Private Island has earned its enviable reputation as Mozambique's best-kept secret. This tiny, pristine Quirimbas island with its bewitching ocean views and stunning coral reefs, is world-renowned for offering barefoot luxury, privacy and unparalleled hospitality. Its signature is stylish simplicity, with delicious seafood, some of the world's premier diving and fishing, and a wealth of romantic delights combining to form a heady menu.

The 13 palm-thatched beach chalets on Medjumbe are the ultimate in sophisticated simplicity, just steps away from the warm Indian Ocean. Nestling on the white sands, they offer privacy and seclusion, yet are situated conveniently close to our guest areas. Each chalet is luxuriantly furnished in crisp blues and whites, offering a full en-suite bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower, and is refreshingly air-conditioned. Ceiling fans, mosquito nets, hair dryer, mini bar, satellite TV and tea/coffee making facilities are included in every chalet.

Medjumbe Private Island (Quirimbas Archipelago) Mozambique -

Outside each chalet, a private plunge pool with stunning Indian Ocean views provides relief from the tropical Mozambique heat and a hammock ensures ultimate relaxation, the Quirimbas way. Ensconced in your private beach haven is as close as it gets to personal heaven. Our central dining area, decks and patios are designed for privacy and barefoot luxury. Lounge around the pool overlooking the translucent ocean, sip cocktails (try our delicious caiparinhas!) in our bar areas, or ensconce yourself upstairs in the informal lounge where you can gaze out at paradise whilst you sip espressos, check your email (if you truly have to!), read or play games.

Mozambique Diving - Quirimbas Archipelago

Medjumbe Private Island offers some of the finest diving in the world with untouched coral reefs and an astounding diversity of marine species. A dazzling array of fish, from Moray Eels and Stingrays to Barracuda, Kingfish and other pelagic gamefish can be seen whilst diving here in tropical waters that seldom drop below 26°C. Dolphins are frequently encountered here whilst Humpback Whales can be sighted between August and October. Leatherback, Loggerhead and Green Turtles are often seen in the water, coming ashore to lay their eggs on the sandy island beaches - sometimes right in front of our beach chalet rooms. Whether you are a novice or accomplished diver, we will help you experience the magic of scuba diving in the tropical waters of Mozambique. We offer a range of diving courses, such as Discover Scuba, Open Water and Advanced Open Water and our experienced diving instructor co-ordinates the diving courses and plans every diving trip, taking care of all the details. We use PADI Instructors and Dive Masters as a minimum standard and do not conduct technical or deep-water dives that warrant a chamber.

Our 12 known dive sites offer a range of diving experiences that are simply breathtaking, taking in fringing reefs, coral banks and vertical and sloping reef walls. On shallower dives (8-15 meters) you are likely to see resident reef fish such as Sweetlips, Pufferfish, Angelfish and Triggerfish. Anemones filter the waters with the resident clown fish often in sight. You may also see turtles making their way out to deeper waters. On deeper wall dives (up to 40 meters) such as Sambi Sambi, the Edge of Reason or Cliffs of Insanity, you will encounter species such as Napolean Wrasse, Groupers, Black-and White-Tip Reef Sharks, Snappers and Unicorn Fish. Here you can experience the feeling of flight as the wall gives way to deep blue waters beyond. As Medjumbe's waters are so little explored, there are always new diving sites to discover (we often name these after the guests who discover them). One thing you will be guaranteed on any dive at Medjumbe is that very few people have ever dived here before you.


Medjumbe Private Island (Quirimbas Archipelago) Mozambique -


Mozambique Fishing

Around the Quirimbas, deep water is accessed close to the islands, which means one doesn't have to travel far for thrilling encounters with big game fish. Still little explored, the protected waters around Medjumbe produce some of the most exciting game fish to catch - species such as Kingfish, Barracuda, Dorado, Queenfish, Serra, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna and Sailfish.

Our fishing boat, N'Jovo is a Gulf Craft 31' Dolphin Super Deluxe, powered by two 115hp Yamaha motors. This state-of-the-art boat has an extended T-Top to shield our guests from the tropical sun. On board, our captain and gillie will present you with tackle, lures and bait, and will ensure that you have the best professional guidance, whatever your fishing ability.

One of the world's most renowned fishing destinations is accessible from the Quirimbas. St Lazarus Banks, a sea mountain 20 x 30 km in extent, rises from 2,4 km deep to within six meters of the ocean surface, bringing together a fascinating combination of marine life. We offer luxury live-aboard boat trips on our 42-ft catamaran Broadbill, based at Pemba, to St Lazarus Banks for the ultimate game fishing extravaganza.

Water Sports - Quirimbas Archipelago

Medjumbe Private Island is a nature lover's paradise and most of our activities enable our guests to delight in the island's natural wonders. Our Activities Centre provides the base from which a range of activities are offered. For guests who enjoy water sports, Medjumbe is a natural playground: we offer sailing, windsurfing and water skiing. Our Gulf Craft 20' Swan is used for water skiing and tubing, with wake and knee boards also available. Our sailing craft include a Gypsy sailing dinghy.

Kayaks are available for guests to explore the crystal clear Quirimbas waters around Medjumbe or the reefs around nearby Quissanga Island. We will happily take you by boat to explore the surrounding marine life, which includes dolphins all year round and whales from August to November. The Quirimbas' marine riches can also be explored by snorkeling around the island's stunning coral reef. Guided and unguided snorkeling is available, with equipment custom-fitted at the Activities Centre. Nature and bird-lovers can spend time exploring the island's pristine shores and watching the many Palaearctic migrants and waders that frequent the area.

Sunset cruises by boat or local dhow provide the perfect form of relaxation at the end of a blissful day. Watch the Mozambique sun sink over a perfect natural paradise and after nightfall lie back and marvel at the island's celestial treasures.


  Accommodation Rates: From $988 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary.