Mateya Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa


Mateya Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -



In the northern reaches of the place now known as Southern Africa, there ruled a kind and caring queen, her name, Queen Mateya. In these parts there was a terrible drought. The queen was informed by her messengers of the powerful Queen of Modjadji (the one that controls rain).

Queen Mateya decided she should seek out the Queen of Modjadji to ask her to bring them rain so that her people should suffer no more. Queen Mateya commanded her work-smiths to make the most exquisite necklace that she would give as a gift to the Rain Queen.

Upon Queen Mateya’s journey through the wild lands of Africa to find the Rain Queen (there was no email or internet let alone telephones then) she set up camp in the area now known as the Madikwe and built a kraal from stone and other materials she found in the area.

After many months Queen Mateya found the Queen of Modjadji and presented her with the exquisite jewel encrusted necklace. She then left on the long journey back to her kingdom. The rains had already begun in her kingdom, the fields were rejuvenated and Queen Mateya’s people were happy once again. Unfortunately the legend goes that Queen Mateya never made it back to her people, and the Queen of Modjadji was never relayed the information of the wonderful life saving rain she had created. Mateya Safari Lodge now stands testament to this legend, built essentially from materials found in the Madikwe reserve by a most caring, kind, and ecologically sensitive team of individuals. It is here that you will find the very essence of nature.


Mateya Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa


The lodge consists of five individually designed luxury air-conditioned thatched suites. Each suite blends with its natural surroundings and offers uninterrupted views of the waterhole and plains. Guests can enjoy a balance of sophistication and comfort, in total privacy and harmony with nature, savoring the rare pleasure of their very own secluded slice of Africa. Indeed, the original African artworks that adorn each suite seem to reflect the very essence of the Madikwe Reserve – a beautiful, vital, and untamed stretch of bush. Reclining in hand-crafted mahogany furnishings, looking out as the Zebra lead the plains game to the waterhole, the immediacy of your experience could not be more vivid. lying under the shade of your natural window sala, or immersing in the cool water of your rim-flow pool, each and every feature of your suite provides total privacy and comfort. Your en-suite bathroom complete with a secluded open-air shower invites you to luxuriate in a sensual setting that is designed to satisfy your ultimate enjoyment. The ambience of a fresh and clear night is warmed by the heat from the custom-designed fireplace, and as you settle down with a mug of hot coffee to admire the myriad of stars speckling the sky, the whispering breeze utters magical words that speak of tomorrow’s promise.


Mateya Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa

Wine Cellar

Lingering flavors of the palate may be sampled from the extensive assortment of wines housed in the cool atmosphere of the Mateya Cellar. An impressive collection of both esteemed local and rare French wines and champagnes make up the cellar’s 8 000 bottles of indulgence that lie chaste, waiting to be hand picked by Mateya guests as an accompaniment to their dining. Our brandy and cigar corner is the perfect conclusion to a pristine Mateya dining experience.

The library is home to an invaluably rare collection of works of African literature dating back to the turn of the 19th century. In quiet seclusion guests are able to immerse themselves in the rich past of this land and relive the splendor unique to Africa through the captivated eyes of superbly talented authors. Should you wish there is also a surround sound plasma screen audiovisual console. Guests may enjoy an afternoon viewing wildlife programs from the DVD collection or television if they so please.


Mateya Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa

Curio Shop

Our curio shop is full of delightful items created by skilled craftsmen. Many of the items are hand crafted by the very same artisans whose works adorn the lodge. Unique items of memorabilia are also on sale with the Mateya Safari Lodge logo emblazoned on them as a reminder of one’s African adventure in one of Africa’s most exclusive game lodges. Guests can purchase all necessary safari regalia from the boutique, as well as any conventional items that may have been forgotten, for example, film or batteries.

Wellness Centre

To bring home the renewing ambience of Mateya and the majesty of the setting, guests can be treated to a full range of pleasurable and rejuvenating body treatments by a dedicated health therapist. Relish a relaxing moment in the warm bubbles of our luxurious Jacuzzi or give way to the energetic call of the wilderness by making use of our personalized gym. Feel the freedom to take a healthy breath of Mateya magic, restoring your mind, body and soul.


Mateya Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa

Game Viewing:

Tackling the African bush in custom-built 4x4 game drive vehicles offers guests the thrill of getting close to game and tracking over vast distances. With a maximum of four guests per drive each guest is assured the personal care and attention of our rangers who will introduce you to the intricate and wonderful features of the reserve. Mateya’s vehicles are equipped with the following unique features: Day and night vision binoculars, offering excellent viewing at all times. Spacious pouches for books and photographic equipment. Shade cover and side flaps offering protection against wind and rain. Comfy warm blankets in case of cold weather. Flasks for hot coffee on those early morning excursions. Easy wheelchair access

Bush Walks

The Xoi San (Bushmen) of the Kalahari were considered to be masters in the art of tracking. Specialist rangers and trackers at Mateya offer you a similar experience, opening the door onto a unique wildlife encounter. You will have the pleasure and thrill of viewing animals close up, as well as have a better understanding of how nature works in perfect harmony to sustain the delicate ecosystem that continues to thrive at Mateya. Coupled with the physical journey, our rangers will also enlighten you with the cultural heritage of tracking, as passed down over the centuries through the rich aural tradition of African Folk Lore.


  Accommodation Rates:-  From $1,020 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary