Lugenda Wilderness Lodge (Nyassa Wildlife Reserve) Mozambique


Lugenda Wilderness Lodge (Nyassa Wildlife Reserve) Mozambique -



Located close to the Tanzanian border in far northern Mozambique, the greater Nyassa Reserve is an untouched and virtually undiscovered wilderness area 42 000 square kilometers in extent. Lugenda Wilderness Camp is situated within this pristine wildlife area on the eastern bank of the Lugenda River amongst the towering Ngalongue Mountains of Mozambique.

Lugenda Wilderness Camp has its own airstrip with fly-in access from Pemba International Airport (Scheduled flights to Pemba can be booked with Airlink and LAM - Mozambique Airlines)
Scheduled transfers to Lugenda Wilderness Camp from Pemba Airport are operated via light aircraft transfer by CFA Air Charters (duration: +/- 90 minutes)
For any flights arriving in Pemba after 14h00, guests need to overnight in Pemba, and will be transferred to Lugenda the following morning


Lugenda Wilderness Lodge (Nyassa Wildlife Reserve) Mozambique -


Intimate and understated yet offering every luxury you could wish for, Lugenda is the definitive wilderness camp experience. The eight luxury tents are discreetly situated on the banks of the Lugenda River beneath towering fig trees, each with its own patio deck with wide-angle views. The tents have a solid substructure and blend beautifully into the natural surrounds whilst offering every modern comfort - from king-size beds to en-suite bathrooms with bath and shower, double basins, ceiling fans, personal safes and hairdryers.

The elegant timber and thatched guest area is at the heart of camp and is a shady refuge from the African sun - a tranquil place to dine, help yourself from the bar or read through books on the region's fascinating history. Just meters from the banks of the river, the swimming pool tempts with its cool sparkling waters whilst sun loungers and umbrellas invite you to laze for hours.

Lugenda Wilderness Lodge (Nyassa Wildlife Reserve) Mozambique -

The Experience:

Despite being in the heart of the Mozambique wilderness, the food at Lugenda is fresh and simply delicious. Guests are woken with piping-hot coffee or tea and muffins in the early mornings for sunrise game drives or walks. Leisurely breakfasts and lunches are taken in the living area overlooking the Lugenda river-bed. High tea is served before the afternoon game drive and you can watch the spectacular African sun set over the Nyassa mountains during sundowners. At night you join the other guests for a charming river-bed or boma dinner, while taking in the African night sounds and smells and gazing at the breathtaking Mozambique night sky.

Lugenda's collection of fine wines meets the most discerning tastes whilst our guides reveal some fascinating insights into the region's history and geography. With all your senses engaged, you cannot help but be sated by this indulgent Mozambique safari experience.

Lugenda Wilderness Lodge (Nyassa Wildlife Reserve) Mozambique -


Whether you are a photographer, birder, naturalist, or just enjoy getting in touch with nature in its rawest form, Lugenda Wilderness Camp is sure to fulfill your expectations. Our experienced guides will take you out to explore this fascinating region and the wildlife it contains, by open safari vehicle, on foot, or a combination of both, depending on your expectations and interests. Of course part of the experience is to slow down and savor the true spirit of Mozambique wilderness. Ask you guide to take you night-frogging or to reveal the splendor of the southern skies over Nyassa National Reserve. Many guests choose to spend some of their time simply relaxing in camp.

Our experienced guides are uniquely qualified to guide you through the vast Mozambique wilderness area that is the Nyassa Reserve. This area is so wild that few scientists and researchers have traveled here and our guides, like you, are pioneering in this region. Whilst game is diverse and numbers are on the increase, the wildlife area is vast (42 000 square kilometers), almost twice the size of the Kruger National Park and sightings of specific wildlife species are not guaranteed. The Lugenda experience is instead about adopting a pioneering spirit in exploring one of Africa's last pure wildlife areas, admiring the unique Mozambique landscape and savouring a true spirit of a photographic safari adventure.

Lugenda Wilderness Lodge (Nyassa Wildlife Reserve) Mozambique -

Our guides will take you out by open vehicle to explore the Nyassa National Reserve of Mozambique for as long as you wish each day. Bird lovers will revel in the opportunity to spot up to 370 bird species, including the rare Angola Pitta and Pel's Fishing Owl, as well as abundant raptors. The area is home to at least 3 recently discovered endemic species: the Nyassa Wildebeest, Boehm's Zebra and Johnston's Impala; as well as elephant, Sable Antelope, Cape Buffalo, Lichtenstein's Hartebeest and eland occur here. Nyassa also provides one of the last safe havens in Africa for the Cape Hunting Dog (African Wild Dog) and is populated with other predators such as lion, leopard and Spotted Hyena. General game comprises kudu, bushbuck, impala, wildebeest, waterbuck, reedbuck and hippo. Bear in mind though that the area is vast and big game sightings are not guaranteed.

For those who prefer more intimate encounters with the Mozambique bush, our guides will take you out walking in the early mornings or late afternoons to avoid the midday sun. Here you can explore the smaller flora and fauna and really absorb the sights, sounds and many hidden delights of the Nyassa bush.


 Please note that Lugenda Wilderness Camp is currently closed