Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge (Nkuringo, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest) Uganda


Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, Uganda -


As the name implies, you feel on top of the world from your first gaze across the landscape that simply takes your breath away.

Situated along the Great Rift valley Bwindi extends over a series of steep ridges, its massive rainforest almost impenetrable, its secretive interior providing the perfect habitat for the gorilla population. Terrain varies from swamp and bamboo forest to dense thicket from the ankle up which makes up 90% of the park, thus making gorilla trekking work hard!

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, Uganda -


Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge comprises of 8 Stone bedrooms with two of these being double-roomed family units for people traveling together. The main building with reception, dining, shop and bar area will also have six fireplaces to keep it a cozy area throughout the day. Views from the main balcony area stretch across to Rwanda and the Virungas as well as all the way across the border towards Goma in the Congo.

Each room has their own twin basin en suite bathroom, with hot and cold water, as well as electric lights, plug points and a cozy fireplace. The main lodge offers soft and plush finishes with turned wood and commissioned artwork from Ugandan artists adorn the walls throughout. Outside sitting areas with comfortable “laid back” chairs for each bedroom with an unobstructed and at the same time unobtrusive view of the forest below.


Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, Uganda -


Activities / Wildlife Gorilla Trekking

Guided Forest Walks
Visit to the local community Getting There Charter Flights from Entebbe or Kajjansi to Kisoro, with a road transfer from the airstrip in Kisoro to the lodge. Travel from Kampala, crossing the Equator, through Mbarara to Kabale.
Kampala – Mbarara = 280km
Mbarara – Kabale = 147km Once you reach Kabale, continue further on the Kisoro Road.


Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, Uganda -

Information about Nkuringo Gorilla community
Group Size: 18 Gorillas
Group Composition: Silver Backs 4 (Over 15 years) Males (Black Backs) 3 (8-12 years) Sub-Adults 1 (5-8 years) Juveniles 2 (3-5years) Infants 4 (0-3years) (twins born October 2008) Adult Females 4 (9-above years) Habituation of this group started in 1997 and ended on 1st April 2004; the whole habituation process can take 2-3years. The group opened for Tourism in 2004 (Mock Tourism) and only a few people could track it for 6 months in a home range of about 10km across the circle. Home Range: About 10km across the circle Elevation (Altitude) At Office: 2000m above sea Level Elevation (Altitude) Lowest: 1600m-2000m above sea Level Average Temperature: 7-20 degrees Centigrade 22 Dry and 2 Rainy seasons   

Clouds is an initiative of The Ugandan Safari Company (TUSC) and Wildplaces Africa. It was built in partnership with the NCDF (Nkuringo Community Development Fund), Ugandan Wildlife Authority (UWA), United States Aid Organization (USAID) and the International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP) through the African Wildlife Fund (AWF). The Nkuringo Community benefit directly from the lodge in every way


  Accommodation Rates: From $485 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary