Chinteche Inn (Lake Malawi) Malawi


Chinteche Inn, Lake Malawi -



Lake Malawi is Africa's third largest and stretches over 500 kilometers from North to South. Palm fringed beaches and soaring mountains surround the warm crystal clear waters and picturesque fishing villages dot the shoreline as they have unchanged for thousands of years. The lake supports over 400 species of fish, many endemic.

The northern lakeshore is the lushest region of the country with remnant patches of tropical rainforest and the dramatic backdrop of the Viphya Mountains.

This is the setting for Chinteche Inn. Just south of Nkhata Bay, Chinteche Inn has a wonderful broad sandy beach and extensive grounds with many fine indigenous trees.

Chinteche Inn, Lake Malawi -


The Inn has ten double rooms. Each room overlooks a white sandy beach and the Inn offers excellent swimming and interesting beach walks. All rooms are en suite with fans.

There is a central dining area and a recently completed swimming pool for those days when the lake is rough.

Chinteche Inn, Lake Malawi -


There is plenty to do at Chinteche. Apart from the icons shown below, guests can also enjoy visits to local villages, excellent mountain biking trails (bike are for hire), trips to the Vizara rubber plantation and the lively market town of Nkhata Bay.

Nearby Bandawe Mission provides a fascinating look into the country's colonial past. Windsurfers, paddle skis, and sailing are all available at the Inn and we have a large and stable wooden fishing boat for trips to the nearby island.

Snorkeling gear is provided and we are able to offer a whole range of PADI accredited dive courses. Guests may also wish to walk the Luwawa Hiking Trail. This is a tough walk though, and only recommended for the very fit.

Snorkeling, swimming, boating opportunities exist and are available at the Inn and local excursions can easily be arranged - bird watching, diving, points of local interest and cultural.

  Accommodation Rates:- From $325 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary