Baines' Camp (Okavango Delta) Botswana

Sanctuary Baines Camp -


c This is Sanctuary's smallest and most intimate camp, with only five luxurious suites. Sanctuary Baines’ Camp is located on the Boro River, set amongst the shady trees and water of the Okavango Delta, on a private concession neighboring the Moremi Game Reserve.

The camp, named after the famous 19th century explorer Sir Thomas Baines, features five luxurious suites set on elevated platforms in the tree line with wooden decks that offer expansive views over the permanent water of the river and a lagoon teaming with life.

This low environmental impact camp has been built using commercially grown wood and recycled tin cans. The local community in Maun were invited to collect as many cans as they could, and paid a fee for every can collected. These cans were then incorporated into the camp buildings, forming the backbone of the structures.

Sanctuary Baines Camp -


The five tented suites at Sanctuary Baines' are opulent and luxurious, with adjoining outdoor bathrooms and four-poster beds swathed in mosquito netting. Traditional safari ceiling fans create a cooling breeze at even the hottest times of the year. Should you wish, your bed can be wheeled out onto the private wooden deck for a night under the stars, overlooking the shimmering waters of the Boro River where hippo can often be spotted.

There is a communal swimming pool, and the wide wooden deck that surrounds the main dining and sitting room is the ideal place to relax while observing the varied wildlife present here. See prowling lions looking for prey at the edge of the lagoon that the camp overlooks, or watch one of the many elephants who live in the area.


Sanctuary Baines Camp -

Activities / Wildlife:
Game Drives

Here in the Okavango Delta lives some of the most spectacular and varied wildlife on Earth. Famed for its big cat and bird population, the delta is a peaceful haven where animals have been protected for decades and know they will not be disturbed. Guests have the opportunity to see animals up close when expert guides accompany them on morning and evening game drives in open 4 x 4 vehicles.

A night game drive is the perfect means to see some of the nocturnal animals one wouldn’t see during the day time. The park also boasts a diversity of landscape with desert, dry savannah, lagoon and swamps in close proximity – cheetah, crocodile and elephant can also be seen on a game drive.

Sanctuary Baines Camp -

Walking Safaris

The wildlife is spectacular all year round and because Sanctuary Baines’ is set in a private concession guests can get very close in perfect safety with one of the guides. Highly trained English speakers, the guides show visitors all the signs of the bush on exciting walks along the animal paths that surround the camp.

They can show travelers how to track and follow even the most elusive of animals in the Okavango or introduce guests to some of the 500 bird species that live at this confluence of habitats. Looking at the size of a rhino’s footprint, and tracking the animals nocturnal perambulations is informative, exciting and a little nerve wracking for first-timers.

Walking is a leveling experience for many guests, who have only ever driven around in a safari vehicle and enjoyed sitting above lion, elephants and other animals. On foot, one cannot approach these animals, obviously, but learning about them, walking their walk and seeing the bush at their level is a wonderful and educational experience.

Mokoro Rides and Boat Rides

One of the best ways to see the wildlife around Sanctuary Baines’ Camp is in one of the locally made dugout canoes. These used to be carved from ebony but are now made from commercially grown wood and fiberglass to protect the fragile environment of the Okavango.

In one of these traditional crafts it is possible to float around the waterways and lagoons that make up the delta, looking for hippos and crocodiles in the water, but also getting a remarkable view of the plains game from a new and exciting angle. This gentle and informative mode of safari is unique to the river bushmen, comprising three different tribes who made the Delta their home.

This activity is subject to water levels. For the less intrepid, Sanctuary Baines' also has motorized speedboats that can be used when the rivers are in flood.

Sanctuary Baines Camp -



An extraordinary treat available at Sanctuary Baines’ Camp is the opportunity to go walking in the bush with three semi-habituated elephants.

Jabu, Thembi and Morula are elephants that were orphaned nearby and adopted by Doug and Sandi Groves. The elephants ‘take’ guests on long walks, foraging in the area in absolute safety. They show travelers how they look for food, strip leaves from branches with their long trunks and take showers in the lagoons of the delta.

What better guide to the African bush than a fully-grown African elephant? Even Sanctuary’s famously brilliant guides bow to these elephants’ innate knowledge and bush-sense. This activity includes a leisurely paced walk with a trio of semi-habituated elephants, observing and interacting with them, and a picnic lunch in their company.


Sanctuary Baines Camp -


These scenic flights involve flying west of the game drive routes towards the permanent delta, exposing to guests areas which are unreachable by vehicle or boat. Guests have the option of the doors being removed for unrestricted photographic opportunities. This is done with the utmost consideration to guest safety. The activity highlights the sheer enormity of the Okavango Delta exposing the many animal species of the region. On completion you will return to camp. Guests are offered a 30, 45 or 60 minute scenic tour of the Okavango Delta in a one turbine Bell Jet Ranger helicopter with 4 seats which is offered on a year round basis.

Being a personalized activity guests have the choice of when to do the activity however early morning and late afternoon usually provide the best light for photography. Some guests prefer to fly during the siesta period so as not to miss out on the other activities. Preferred flight times can be requested on booking. Guests meet their guide in the reception area of the camp for their transfer to the Helicopter activity. The transfer is approximately 10 minutes from camp.


  Accommodation Rates:- From $725 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary.