Tena Tena Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia

Tena Tena Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia - www.photo-safaris.com

Tena Tena Camp is altogether beyond superlatives, and must be one of the best safari camps in the whole of Africa" The Times, London.

This remote and small camp lies within the National Park and enjoys a stunning location on a sweeping bend of the Luangwa River.

It was Robin's first camp and has remained a favorite of many safari lovers over the years. For its all-round strengths - secluded location, style, owner involvement, and game-viewing, Tena Tena is undoubtedly one of the best camps in Zambia.

Tena Tena Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia - www.photo-safaris.com



The world renowned Robin Pope Safaris camp, Tena Tena has been redesigned and rebuilt. With the maximum number of guests decreasing from 12 to 8, the camp provides an even more personal and intimate safari for visiting guests.

Tena Tena has a reputation for being a 'temporary home' in the bush - and the atmosphere at this wonderful remote tented camp certainly contributes to this. The interiors are stylish and elegant, beautifully furnished in rich colours, and are reminiscent of Hemingway's Africa. The Persian rugs, hand-dyed Indian cotton bed-spreads and Bedouin cushions create a homely and attractive environment. There are also heavy linen bathrobes in each en suite open-air bathroom, along with a complete array of quality toiletries.

The bathrooms are made from woven bamboo and join the tents under a large grass archway - Marsh-Arab style. Each tent has been carefully positioned to incorporated a stunning view of the Luangwa River or waterhole, where game is often seen coming down to drink. The front of the tent is designed to roll up completely allowing the guests to watch and admire from the privacy of their own veranda.

Tena Tena Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia - www.photo-safaris.com

A grove of mahogany trees shade the "suite" tents - a tent with a veranda, dressing room and large open bathroom.

The waterhole that runs in front of the tents, is highly productive and the siestas can be spent watching and photographing from the bed The main area is a large canvas marquee placed between two mahogany trees.

The view from sitting area, down the Luangwa River, is 60 km to the hills. Dinner is served on the platform, under the stars, again with a view of both the river and the waterhole.


Tena Tena Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia - www.photo-safaris.com


From the camps there is the daily option of a walk or a game drive. The drives include morning, afternoon and night drives. An all day drive, with a picnic lunch, is always available.

The vehicles we use are Toyota Landcruisers, with two tier seats (we also have three tier seats for groups or families) and we give everyone a "window" seat (i.e. 2 on a row). There is no top on the vehicle so you have total 360 degree vision.

We are very aware that you may spend up to 8 hours a day in the vehicle if an enthusiast and so our vehicles, are of top quality (with 8 out of 18 being less than 18 months old). They are top of the range and not cheap imitation 4 x 4 vehicles. We even provide bean bags for your cameras - so you can capture the perfect shot.


Tena Tena Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia - www.photo-safaris.com


There is the option to walk every day at the safari camps. The walks are led by our knowledgeable guides, and escorted by armed National Park scouts. We are very proud of the standard of our guiding. The guides will give you an insight into the bush at a level that will surprise you.

What animals passed by during the night, how the termites control the temperature in the huge mounds, where the woodpecker is nesting. And of course they explain the skills of reading the bush and knowing what is happening around you. If you are very keen to walk then we suggest you opt for either a 2-3 day walk or the 5 day Walking Mobile Safaris.


Tena Tena Camp (South Luangwa National Park) Zambia - www.photo-safaris.com


During the months of December to April (Emerald Season) the Luangwa River is rising and falling depending on the rainfall. January to March it is flowing bank to bank. At times it is near full and pouring into the adjacent lagoons.

Whatever the level, boating on the river during these months is simply magical. We have three specially designed boats that can take groups on wonderful boating days either exploring the lagoons or far up the river. From mid January to the end of March Nsefu opens and for dedicated boating safaris - River Journeys.

Explore the water wilderness in the heart of the park, when road access is cut off by the tributaries.



  Accommodation Rates:- From $795 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary.