Sasaab Camp (Samburu Game Reserve) Kenya


Sasaab Camp (Samburu Game Reserve) Kenya -



Majestically situated on the high banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River (Kenya’s third largest watercourse), Sasaab commands breathtaking views across the arid landscape of the Northern Frontier District towards the jagged peak of Mt Kenya, and offers a truly exceptional safari experience in an area renowned for its variant species.

Sasaab Camp (Samburu Game Reserve) Kenya -

Accommodation / Facilities:

9 luxury rooms at over 100m squared, with private plunge pool and magnificent views. Accommodates 18 people

Sasaab’s design is based on strong Moroccan principles, in which African heat is a central consideration.

Each room is over 100m² in area allowing for enormous open air bathrooms and huge comfortable beds.

Couple this with expansive views and a cooling plunge pool, and you have the perfect formula. A central mess area welcomes guests on arrival with a cooling drink, and a large main pool provides the ultimate cooling off spot.


Sasaab Camp (Samburu Game Reserve) Kenya -



Sasaab’s new Liz Earle spa couples world class beauty therapy with an unmatched setting. Panoramic views from the two treatment rooms instantly transport body and mind to a more peaceful place, whilst organic treatments made from naturally found herbs and ingredients in Kenya are used to restore and replenish the skin and body.

Liz Earle Naturally Active Skin Care is designed to work on the skin using ingredients that are 100% natural. Like all of Sasaab’s rooms, the Spa is situated on the high banks of the Ewaso Nyiro, looking down over the river and beyond. It has two treatment rooms, a central yoga zone and wrap around plunge pool.


Sasaab Camp (Samburu Game Reserve) Kenya -


Game Viewing / Activities:

The safari experience in Samburu land is vastly different to that found in any other part of Kenya. The Samburu Special Five (Grevy’s Zebra, Reticulated Giraffe, Somali Ostrich, Gerenuk and Beisa Oryx) are found in the area, whilst a strong cultural aspect complements the wildlife watching.

The Samburu people are fiercely proud of their cultural tradition, and delight in sharing their customs with guests, making interaction with locals a major highlight in any visit to Sasaab.

Community involvement and strong environmental ethics pervade Sasaab’s operation, and over 70% of the staff at the lodge are local employees. Water is solar heated, and recycled where possible, whilst every effort is made to purchase food and source materials locally.

  Accommodation Rates:- From $545 per person per night sharing.  Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary.