and Beyond Phinda Mountain Lodge (Phinda Private Reserve, KwaZulu, Natal) South Africa


Phinda Mountain Lodge (Phinda Private Reserve, KwaZulu, Natal) South Africa -


Phinda Mountain Lodge is the one with the spectacular views. This &Beyond lodge is built on a mountain top overlooking the Phinda Game Reserve. A huge veranda gives you the chance to sit back, sip a cocktail and enjoy the spectacle that is the wild.

Phinda Mountain Lodge is famous for its wrap around decks and spectacular views! The elevated location of &Beyond Phinda Mountain Lodge allows for wonderful views over lush Maputaland and the Lebombo Mountains.


Phinda Mountain Lodge (Phinda Private Reserve, KwaZulu, Natal) South Africa -



At Phinda Mountain Lodge a room with a view isn’t just an option - it’s an absolute guarantee. Poised majestically on the crest of a mountain, the lodge commands a dramatic vista over the surrounding landscape.

Thatched roofs and air conditioning keep the twenty five mountainside suites cool and elegantly ethnic décor is carried throughout the plush bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms.

A private deck at each suite showcases majestic views of the valley below and because the rooms are very spacious, they’re perfect for families- splash about in your own private plunge pool and revel in the romantic al fresco shower. Ultra-high thatched roofs are striking and encourage airflow in the lounge and bar area, which open onto an expansive deck with the same glorious views- a shaded swimming pool provides a cool respite from the heat! A total of 25 suites are positioned to ensure complete privacy while optimizing the view from the veranda. A private outdoor shower and plunge pool for each suite allow you to savor the outdoors and the fresh mountain air.


Phinda Mountain Lodge (Phinda Private Reserve, KwaZulu, Natal) South Africa -


Great care is taken over the delectable food and meals are either enjoyed on the deck or under the stars in the boma. During the day, bush breakfasts and picnics are a wonderful treat between interpretive game drives and walking safaris. Unveiling all sorts of game, including the 'big five' there are approximately three hundred and eighty different bird species and seven distinctly different habitats to be seen! To allow this memory to last a lifetime, make sure to visit the African curio shop. Light and space lie at the heart of Phinda Mountain Lodge from the moment you enter the airy inner courtyard.

The guest area is a magnificent u-shaped building with central al fresco courtyard, which provides seductive comfort between exciting game drives. Careful planning means that no structures in the Lodge overlook each other, resulting in uninterrupted views from each suite or viewing deck. Balanced between soaring views of the scenery below and the endless blue of the African sky above, each suite opens onto a breathtaking panorama. With glamorous guest areas and spellbinding views, this bold and stylish lodge will truly make you feel on top of the world.


Phinda Mountain Lodge (Phinda Private Reserve, KwaZulu, Natal) South Africa -


Magnificent guest viewing decks and private verandas attached to each suite ensure that there’s no shortage of breathtaking locations to drink in the natural luxury of the sensational setting. Lounging in your private plunge pool overlooking the dense green slopes, you can lose all track of time as easily as though you were floating on a cloud high up above the world.

Bask in the solitude of your suite’s personal sitting room or share in the books and games in the spacious guest areas. Browse for a choice souvenir in our selectively stocked Safari Shop or sip on a cocktail while taking in the views from the terrace. Mealtime may mean a delicious al fresco feast on the tiered veranda, a luscious spread in the covered dining room or an unexpected treat in a surprise location.


Phinda Mountain Lodge (Phinda Private Reserve, KwaZulu, Natal) South Africa -

Activities / Wildlife:

Phinda is home to an abundance of wildlife, from the large mammals to the smallest antelope. However, it is the faster of predators that has a special place here. Having reintroduced cheetah to the area after an absence of over fifty years, Phinda has quickly established a reputation as one of the best places to view and photograph these rare cats. With much of Phinda dominated by a mosaic of various savanna habitats, these speedy carnivores have plenty of space to carry out their explosive hunting technique, as well as enough cover to protect and shelter their cubs.

Along with cheetah, lion and leopard are tracked on the reserve on a daily basis and guests have a high likelihood of encountering these magnificent animals. Another success story at Phinda is that of both the white and the more endangered black rhino. Brought back from the brink of extinction, both the grass easting white rhino and the shrub grazing black rhino are doing well at the reserve. While the white rhino favors water holes and wallows, the black rhino indulges its inquisitive nature in constant solitary rambles.

The elegant nyala antelope is a frequent sight at Phinda, with the reserve boasting one of the highest densities of the species. With its dark brown coat, buttery yellow legs, shaggy mane and impossibly bushy tail, the male nyala is particularly spectacular, while the female contents itself with a less flashy chestnut coat. The rare sand forest in the northern parts of Phinda is the perfect environment for some of the rarer smaller species. The shy red duiker is found grazing on fallen leaves and fruit and the tiny suni, one of the smallest antelope species, may also be seen.


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