Ongava Lodge (Etosha Region) Namibia


Ongava Lodge (Etosha Region) Namibia -



Etosha National Park is Namibia's premier wildlife park. It has great concentrations of game and there are wonderful views out onto the salt pans which dominate the center of the park. Etosha's drawback is that the only accommodation offered within the park are the large rest camps.

Ongava Lodge offers an excellent alternative... The lodge is situated on the 30,000 hectare Ongava Private Game Reserve and shares a common border with Etosha on its southern boundary.

The lodge offers a full Etosha experience, but at the same time offers great accommodation and service, as well as the opportunity to do night drives and nature walks on the reserve, which are not allowed within Etosha.

Ongava Lodge (Etosha Region) Namibia -


Ongava Lodge accommodates a maximum of 10 guests in 10 chalets attractively built out of rock and thatch. All your comforts are taken care of.

Each chalet has an en-suite bathroom with flush toilets, a bath and a shower.

The main lounge, pub and dining area is also under thatch, and is situated close to the top of a hill with wonderful views across the plains below. There is a pool as well.

Ongava Lodge (Etosha Region) Namibia -

Game Viewing / Activities:

Etosha is Namibia's premier game viewing destination. It is one of Africa's largest game parks being nearly the size of Switzerland. Large herds of plains game concentrate around the waterholes in the dry season making for exciting game viewing. Species that can be seen year-round include Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest, Springbok, Gemsbok, Kudu and the diminutive Damara Dik-Dik. Birdlife is also good with Ostrich and raptors in abundance. Local specials include the Short-toed Rockthrush, Hautlaub's Francolin, Rockrunner, Rüppell's Parrot, White-tailed Shrike and Chestnut Weaver.

A highlight at Ongava is that it is one of the few private game reserves in southern Africa where you have a chance of seeing both Black and White Rhino. For those who enjoy close wildlife encounters, tracking White Rhino on foot with an armed guide is a highlight not to be missed. Ongava Game reserve also has a good population of Lion, Eland, Hartmann's Mountain Zebra, Black-faced Impala and a number of other antelope species.

Ongava also has White Rhino on the reserve, so guests can experience a wonderful variety of animals during their stay.

Birdlife around the water holes is good, with Ostrich, Pygmy Falcon and all the raptors in abundance. Some of the local "specials" include Short-toed Rock Thrush, Hautlaub's Francolin, Freckled Nightjar and Meyer's Parrot.


  Accommodation Rates:-  From $565 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary.