Mashatu Tent Camp (Tuli Game Reserve) Botswana


Mashatu Tent Camp (Tuli Game Reserve) Botswana -

Mashatu Game Reserve is located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve of Botswana bordering South Africa. It is the embodiment of all that defines Africa. Space so open and vast, taking it all in is almost too much; an array of wildlife from the gigantic to the miniscule; majestic skies open to the universe and unfettered by smog; a quiet so loud it thrums with life; and unexpected adventure beyond the game drive with horse-back safaris, cycling safaris and walks in the wild. Experience the lives of Africa's big cats, as well as on of the world's largest mammals - the elephant - through the mesmerizing Mashatu Research Programme. Mashatu’s camps are an expression of the warm hospitality of Africa’s people.

Relaxation is key, regardless of whether your choice is the luxury of Mashatu Main Camp, or the rustic appeal of Mashatu Tent Camp. Just 15 minutes from Mashatu Main Camp is a refuge very different. The Mashatu Tent Camp is almost one with the environment – just blink and you might miss it! This is the leisure choice for the guest who seeks the ultimate one-on-one bush experience, or who prefers a more intimate environment with never more than 14 companions (and no children under 12 years of age).

Mashatu Tent Camp (Tuli Game Reserve) Botswana -


8 completely private comfortable tents are tucked under the branches of enormous trees, accessible via meandering pathways. The tents are themselves spacious and comfortable (enabling adults to stand upright). Each unit is mounted on a concrete platform, and has its own private outdoor en-suite facilities (including W.C and shower). Have you ever showered under the stars? Instant camaraderie is a by-product of this characteristic camp. Meal-times are shared without pomp and ceremony, either in the open-air thatched gazebo, or in the boma overlooking a floodlit and popular waterhole. A plunge pool provides a refreshing break from the unrelenting sunshine typical of the summer months.

Clients may remove themselves further by visiting the hide, also overlooking the waterhole. The sturdy and shaded structure enables bush enthusiasts to sit quietly and to obverse animal species going about their day. And the best part – the animals are completely unaware that they are not alone. It is humbling indeed to be an observer, standing where the world is perfect.

Mashatu Tent Camp (Tuli Game Reserve) Botswana -

Activities / Game Viewing

Game drives are conducted in open 4-wheel drive safari vehicles in the 90 000 acre Mashatu Game Reserve. The rangers are in constant radio communication with one another and to keep each other informed about the location of the game. Headsets are used for this purpose so as not to disturb the sounds of the African bush.

Beside elephant, lion, cheetah, leopard and Hyaena, general game like giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, eland and a variety of antelope, the nocturnal species like spring hares, bat eared fox, civet cat, genet cat, honey badger and mongoose etc. occur throughout the reserve. The bird life is prolific with Mashatu Game Reserve recording over 350 different species.

The 4-wheel drive safari vehicles enable the rangers to leave the road and provide guests with up close game viewing and fantastic photographic opportunities. Night drives, with the aid of powerful spotlights brings the bush to life at nights. Horseback rides and mountain bike rides are also available.



  Accommodation Rates:-  From $490- per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary