Makanyane Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa


Makanyane Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -


A new luxurious and exclusive safari lodge, Makanyane is situated on private land within the magnificent 75,000 hectare malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve - home to the Big 5 and a myriad of other animal and bird species. Makanyane, which lies hidden in lush riverside forest, offers unforgettable wildlife experiences, exquisite accommodation and cuisine as well as outstanding personal service. Makanyane Safari Lodge was designed by a team of award winning architects to effortlessly blend with the surrounding bush. The relaxed yet luxurious interiors complement the design perfectly, tastefully enhancing the atmosphere of comfort in this idyllic environment.

The lodge consists of a beautiful main building and eight stunning suites, which lie hidden in the lush forest, offering spectacular views over the tranquil Marico River. Situated on 1,800 hectares of private ground within the Madikwe Game Reserve along South Africa's border with Botswana, the lodge has accommodation for a maximum of sixteen guests, ensuring that each guest has privacy and individual attention. Visit Makanyane Safari Lodge to experience the drama and mystery of Africa's vast natural history, exhilarating wildlife, ancient legends and rich cultural history and to relax and revitalize body and mind.

Makanyane Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -


Makanyane Safari Lodge can accommodate a total of sixteen guests. Accommodation comprises eight luxurious double suites, each with it's own lounge, en-suite bathroom and shower, secluded outside shower as well as private game viewing and sun deck with a spectacular view of the surrounding bush. Each suite is air conditioned and heated and has underfloor heating in the bathroom, a fireplace, mini bar, fridge, hot beverage facilities, mini-safe, overhead fans and direct dial telephones and are fully air-conditioned and heated. Bath robes, hairdryers, insect spray, mosquito repellent, sun block, shampoo, conditioner and body lotions are all available in the suite. International adapters are available. A stroll along the shady path winding through the riverine forest will bring you to your romantic and secluded suite. As in the main lodge, rich African textures abound, walls of natural rock and dried tree trunks merge with rough teak doors and contrast with the overhanging thatch. The glass walled bedroom suites allow uninterrupted views of the river and the surrounding bush.

The open-fronted lounge with its private sundeck is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bush. The call of the fish eagle echoes down the river as elephants, escaping the heat of the day, plunge into the deep water and disturb the sleeping hippo. The spectacular bathrooms have under-floor heating as well as indoor and outdoor showers. The wide, folding doors can be opened to allow the sounds and scents of the surrounding bush to join you in the luxurious freestanding bathtub. The understated luxury of your suite flawlessly compliments your untamed surroundings.

Makanyane Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -

Facilities / Attractions:

Located on the edge of a ravine, Makanyane's dramatic main lodge overlooks a stream-filled waterhole shaded by a dense canopy of trees. Enormous ancient Leadwood trees in the lounge and the dining room support the sweeping thatch roof. The spacious lounge area has two rock fireplaces and opens out onto a wide wooden deck hanging over the ravine and waterhole below. On this wooden deck is the well stocked bar with its sweeping roof.

The gracious dining room also opens onto the vast deck area, perfect for enjoying a meal under the trees while watching game drink below. The main lodge has a curio shop where you can browse for souvenirs, a library area and an extensive wine cellar. Upstairs is the air-conditioned den with a viewing deck, the elevated position providing panoramic views of the grasslands. Sweeping plains roll out towards the horizon, surrounded by a breathtaking skyline. The heated, secluded swimming pool is the ideal place to soak up the African sun, while enjoying the idyllic scenery.

Makanyane Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -

Close to the main lodge is the boma, an open air dining area enclosed by bush, reeds and trees. The boma is the perfect place to enjoy dinner next to a blazing fire. Sit back and enjoy the view out over the Marico River, the stars blinking through the canopy of leaves above you. Not far from the main lodge, an isolated viewing deck stands on the edge of the plains. In this tranquil, tree shaded place, you can enjoy a quiet drink, while watching elephants stride through herds of waterbuck, zebra and impala grazing in these breathtaking grasslands. You may even see lion or cheetah moving through the grass, their vigilant stare searching for their next meal.

Gym and Spa

The well equipped gym and bush spa is just the place to work up an appetite, or to simply pamper yourself. Tucked away in the forest, this air-conditioned facility has all that you need for a gentle workout or more strenuous exercise. Alternatively, treat yourself to massage or aromatherapy from Makanyane's onsite masseuse. Business A computer with full internet access is available for the use of guests together with fax services. Satellite television and video are also provided. Makanyane has air conditioned conference facilities for 16 people.

Dining Makanyane prides itself on the exceptional quality of its food and wines, adding another memorable dimension to your stay. The food is skillfully and imaginatively prepared by David Stevens, the executive chef who developed his considerable skills in five star hotels around the World. David has blended his European and African experiences with the flavors and fresh local produce of the area to create delicious and memorable dining experiences. The delicious cuisine is complimented by superb South African wines from Makanyane's extensive cellar. As well as offering classic wines such as Kanonkop's Paul Sauer and Klein Constantia's Vin de Constance, they have gone to great lengths to search out excellent quality, value and range in their wine list. This ensures that for wine lovers, Makanyane is a real treat.

Activities at Makanyane revolve around relaxing your body and mind and experiencing the rich details of your surroundings. To experience the vibrant bush life around you, allow yourself to be led through Madikwe's 75,000 hectare environment, either on foot or in an open vehicle. Makanyane's dedicated professional rangers will guide you on dawn and dusk excursions into the wild. You will travel through the bush in open safari vehicles specially designed to provide comfort and safety.

Alternatively, enjoy the thrill of walking through this untamed wilderness. Whatever your preference, your rangers will share their wealth of knowledge with you, giving you insight into the endless intricacy of the African ecosystem. Enjoy Champagne as the setting sun gently illuminates the sky before darkness falls over the bush around you. As you set off again, a shielded spotlight helps to reveal the secretive creatures of the African night.

Brown hyena, genet, civet, bushbaby, aardvark, pangolin and owls are just some of the species to be seen in this dark wonderland. During midday hours, relax by lounging at the heated swimming pool, strip away the stress of city living with a massage or aromatherapy on your private deck or in the bush spa, unwind by exercising in the gym, or simply catch up on your quiet time by selecting a book from the library and settling down in the den or on one of the outside decks to read.

Watch the wildlife, oblivious to your presence, from one of the bush hides overlooking a waterhole or facing plains that stretch to the horizon. You could even sleep out under the stars while nocturnal life continues around your secure, elevated deck.

Game Viewing:

Rustic hides have been placed in certain idyllic locations on Makanyane's private and exclusive land. One of these hides overlooks a waterhole hidden deep in the bush, a favorite place for animals and birds to drink. Another looks over the vast plains, providing observers with an ever-changing view of animals moving across the breathtaking landscape. Those reluctant to surrender to the luxury of their suite can continue their African experience by sleeping out under a velvet canopy pierced with uncountable stars. To allow guests to experience the ambience of the bush at night, beds will be made up on the upper deck of a hide hidden deep in the bush, next to a waterhole.

Makanyane Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -

The overnight hide brings you even closer to the sounds and experiences of the African bush at night. Madikwe Game Reserve has an astonishing array of wildlife. Elephant, rhino (black and white), lion, leopard, buffalo, wild dog, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, hippo, brown hyena, spotted hyena, springbok, eland, kudu, wildebeest, warthog, crocodile and Chacma baboon are some of the larger species to be seen. Smaller species include rock dassie, African civet, genet, bush baby, porcupine, and aardvark. Numerous antelope species also roam the reserve.

Lions laze on Madikwe's wide plains, as zebra and blue wildebeest keep a wary distance. Both black and white rhino can be seen in Madikwe and herds of buffalo wander through the wooded areas of the reserve. The elusive leopard may be spotted sleeping on the limb of a tree, while comical warthogs forage in the undergrowth below.

Wild Dogs, called Makanyane by the Tswana people, are also known as Painted Wolves and were once called Cape Hunting Dogs. The Wild Dog is the largest of the wild canids in Africa and is now one of Africa's most endangered carnivores. It is estimated that less than 5,000 Wild Dogs still survive in the wild and viable populations are only found in larger reserves and uninhabited areas in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Wild Dogs are extremely gregarious animals and are usually found in packs of between five and fifteen members. Each pack has a clearly defined social hierarchy and is led by a dominant (or alpha) male and female. Working together in these highly organized units, the Wild Dog is an effective predator, capable of bringing down prey as large as Buffalo. They are also able to defend themselves against their natural enemies, Lions and Spotted Hyenas.

Makanyane Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -

The bonds between all the members of the pack are very strong, all the dogs cooperate in caring for and feeding any pups as well as any sick or injured members of the pack. In most packs only the dominant (alpha) male and female successfully reproduce. Although persecution by man, susceptibility to diseases such as rabies, and diminishing natural areas have all taken their toll on Africa's Wild Dog population, there is now a concerted effort to conserve and protect these fascinating animals. In December 1994, as part of the huge game translocation operation called Operation Phoenix, wild dogs were relocated into the Madikwe Game Reserve.

Three female dogs, captive bred at a breeding station for rare and endangered species, were put into an enclosure in the reserve with three male dogs captured just outside the Kruger National Park. The six animals formed a new pack and were then released into the reserve. The project was resoundingly successful and today the Madikwe Game Reserve has a viable and thriving population of Wild Dogs. The dogs show no fear of vehicles and provide guests at Makanyane with wonderful game viewing, offering rare insights into the lives of these fascinating creatures in their natural environment.


  Accommodation Rates:-  From $850 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary