Kwando Lagoon Camp (Chobe / Linyanti Region) Botswana



Kwando Lagoon Camp (Chobe / Linyanti Region) Botswana -


Lagoon Camp lies on the shady banks of the Kwando River among tall and ancient African Ebony and Morula trees, under the watchful gaze of the resident hippos.

Shaded under massive African Ebony trees, situated centrally, in the extensive Kwando wilderness of 232; 000 ha. (550 000 acres) is Kwando Lagoon Camp.


Kwando Lagoon Camp (Chobe / Linyanti Region) Botswana -


Kwando Lagoon Camp comprises 6 spacious purpose designed tents with views over the private lagoon formed by the ever-changing Kwando River.

Each tent comprises a bedroom area with a spacious bathroom en suite. The bathroom has a double basin set in an indigenous Mukwa wood stand and a flush loo.

The spacious outdoor reeded showers capture the essence of Africa that is Kwando.

Kwando Lagoon Camp (Chobe / Linyanti Region) Botswana -


The tents are furnished in the best teak furniture that Zimbabwean master craftsmen can create.

The shady cool interiors are produced by a canvas flysheet under reeds, which are also set under massive Ebony and Morula trees with shady lawns.

A small plunge pool is available to cool off during the long summer days. The resident hippos entertain our guests as they sit in the deck chairs on the decks in front of their tents.


Kwando Lagoon Camp (Chobe / Linyanti Region) Botswana -


Game Viewing / Activities:

Guests arrive from the airstrip through open plains into our shaded reception area and amble into the peaceful lounge, dinning and bar area, under thatch. They continue through the thatched dinning area onto the pathways leading to their personal hideaway and tent. Their view is of expansive Africa over the peaceful lagoon and reedbeds that lead to the Kwando-Linyanti flood plain system.

This system is an intricate labyrinth of waterways, reedbeds, islands, floodplains, bush, scrub and trees. However, the river system around Lagoon camp is a maze of ox bow lakes, fossil riverbeds, reedbeds and riverine forests. Lagoon offers regular and reliable sightings of elephant, lion, wild dog, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, tsessebe, impala, wildebeest, buffalo and waterbuck in stunning settings. Sudden lines of tall lead wood trees demarcate the flood plains, many hundreds of years old.


Kwando Lagoon Camp (Chobe / Linyanti Region) Botswana -

Shady grasslands give way to the striking silver cluster leaf woodlands that are tended by the elephant, maintaining the characteristic broken gardens effect. West of the floodplains are the endless mopane woodlands that sustain the large herds in the wet season. In the dry season Lagoon offers a mega fauna experience unmatched in Africa with sightings of up to 1000 elephant in a single game drive.

The lion prides regularly hunt elephant in this remote region, a habit undocumented elsewhere in Africa. Herds of up to 2 000 buffalo also attract the attention of lion and hyena and our trained guides scan the horizons for the dust storms generated by thousands of buffalo hooves.

The night drives present a drama of epic proportions when the buffalo move through the parched floodplains. Packs of wild dogs also provide excitement for many months when they have pups, motivating them to undertake action packed hunts twice a day. Lagoon is peaceful and wonderful in summer, savage and wonderful in winter. The purpose designed double decker barge with a jet engine is designed to navigate the shallows and ox bows of the Kwando river all year round. The strong current in the river enables us to float silently down the river and experience the peace and quiet of this remote wilderness.


  Accommodation Rates:-  From $650 Per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary