Impodimo Game Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa


Impodimo Game Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -


The Madikwe Game Reserve

This 75 000 hectare reserve is situated in the North-West province of South Africa, on the border with Botswana. The large diversity of vegetation and Eco zones allows for a rich diversity of game and bird species to inhabit the reserve

The reserve is situated in an ecotone between the Kalahari sandveld and the northern bushveld. The reserve consists of vast plains, open woodlands and thickets. The area is also dotted with huge rocky hills or inselbergs and the dwarsberg mountain range forms the southern boundary. There is only one river in the reserve, the Groot Marico, but a number of dams and pans provide water year round for the game species present.


Impodimo Game Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -


The reserve is home to 28 different mammal species which where released into the park through a relocation process called Operation Phoenix. This was the largest game translocation exercise in the world, with more than 8 000 animals being released into the reserve, starting in 1991 and the project was completed in 1997 and included the release of species such as elephant, both black and white rhino, buffalo, lion, cheetah, wild dog, and other plains game species.
Madikwe is also a bird watchers paradise, with over 350 bird species already recorded in the reserve. Madikwe functions through a system designed to benefit the three main parties involved in the reserve, these being the North West Parks Board, the private sector and the local community. All three work together in a mutually beneficial partnership in conservation.

The parks board being responsible for the infrastructure and management of the reserve, as a major conservation area in the province. The private sector is then leased suitable sites that are utilized for tourism based developments and activities. The private investors provide the necessary capital to build game lodges, market and manage them in such a way that private sector funds are used to develop the tourism potential of the reserve. The Reserve itself does not accept day visitors; all visitors are residents at the various lodges.


Impodimo Game Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -


The Impodimo Experience:

Rise in the morning to an African dawn and enjoy an early morning game drive with your dedicated professional ranger. Relax as your ranger guides you through the bush on a custom made open Landrover, searching out the Big 5 or the smaller secrets of nature.

Set out on a foot safari with your armed ranger and learn the secrets of tracking African game or just enjoy the trees, birds and stunning scenery. Return from the excitement of the bush to a sumptuous breakfast or brunch and then relax at the pool or the sala overlooking the waterhole where game may come to quench their thirst. In the afternoon, when the heat of the African sun has diminished and the shadows are longer, head out again on a sundowner safari, where you will stop to watch the sun set on this bushveld paradise and enjoy your favorite sundowner drink. Once the sun has set and darkness descends, set off again for a night safari where the more nocturnal creatures now rule the bush. Return to the lodge where you will be treated to the finest Pan-African cuisine with your hosts in the open air boma, and share your days adventures, while you enjoy a night cap around the fire.


Impodimo Game Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -



Number of rooms
■20 beds in 10 suites presented as
■8 standard suite
■2 deluxe suite

Room Features – Each standard suite features;
■Twin beds with king size available on request.
■Full en-suite bathroom and outside shower.
■Tea & coffee making facilities.
■Mini bar fridge.
■Mini safes.
■Climate control air-conditioning system.
■Closed system fire places.
■Covered patio.


Impodimo Game Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -


Two deluxe suites in combination feature

■All inclusions in standard suites and;
■Lounge & dining room.
■Private plunge pool.
■Private boma deck.

Impodimo Game Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -


The Community:

The main purpose of the Madikwe game reserve is to create economic and social improvement for the surrounding communities. The Park achieves this currently through lodges like Impodimo. We create employment and impart skills and training to 30 staff. Of these, 23 are from the local communities, and many of these are sole or significant breadwinners for their households.

Many of those that we employ have never had jobs before joining Impodimo. Impodimo also makes use of local suppliers and services, which further generate employment and stimulate entrepreneurship in the community. Impodimo makes a donation to the community of R25 per person per night for every guest that stays with us. This money is paid into a trust, of which Impodimo, the Parks Board and community representatives are trustees.


Impodimo Game Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve) South Africa -


Children at Impodimo:

Children are welcome at Impodimo and we love to go out of our way to ensure that kids and parents both have an unforgettable safari experience. Kids may participate in our kiddies program, where the children are entertained and occupied with fun and educational activities. Each child on arrival will receive a personalized pack with goodies and activities to do in between safaris. Some of the supervised activities include biscuit baking and decoration, plaster casting of animal tracks, paper mask making, and art using leaves and seeds collected whilst enjoying a guided educational kiddies walk around the camp!

Baby sitting facilities are available, so that parents can enjoy a safari or dinner without having to worry about their children. Children over the age of 6 years are allowed to join the normal safari (at the ranger’s discretion), however families with younger children need not fear that their kids wont be allowed on safari. We offer the “kiddies bumble” safari which is much shorter and aimed at younger children, avoiding deliberate close encounters with dangerous game and making the experience more tactile and varied in order to keep their attention.


  Accommodation Rates:- From $595 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary