Duba Plains Camp (Okavango Delta) Botswana



Duba Plains Camp, nestled in the heart of Botswana’s northern Okavango Delta, is the quintessential Botswana safari experience. This private 33,000-hectare reserve, an intricate tapestry of palm-studded islands, floodplains, and woodlands, was chosen as the home base for National Geographic filmmakers, conservationists, and explorers Dereck and Beverly Joubert.



The camp at Duba Plains offers five bespoke suites. The camp design ensures it blends into the landscape whilst evoking the classic African safari style of the 1920s. All the rooms are on raised recycled railway sleeper decking. Each suite affords guests stunning views of the surrounding floodplain and the steady stream of wildlife parading past. Each suite has a lounge area and beautifully appointed en-suite facilities: a flush loo, double vanities, indoor and outdoor showers, and a luxurious bath. Ceiling fans and an environmentally friendly air-conditioning system over the bed ensure a comfortable climate. Enjoy a private verandah, complete with a plunge pool and shaded sala.

Duba Plains Camp (Okavango Delta) Botswana - www.photo-safaris.com


Game Viewing / Activities:

Duba Plains Camp is renowned for its extraordinary wildlife experiences. From lions and leopards to elephants, lechwe, buffalo, and a fascinating array of Kalahari species like aardwolf and pangolins, our reserve offers intimate and up-close wildlife encounters that will leave you breathless. Wildlife viewing activities include heading out with your guide in an open, 4×4 safari vehicle or a guided walk. There is also the opportunity of viewing wildlife up close from motorised boat or by drifting along the Okavango’s water by mekoro. One guest aptly described Duba Plains as the “Garden of Eden.”

Here, you’ll truly connect with nature. Duba Plains Camp is part of the Great Plains Réserve-Collection and is a proud member of Relais & Châteaux. Our commitment to preserving the environment extends beyond our camps. We proudly support the Rhinos Without Borders project. Together, we’re making a difference in rhino conservation. Your safari adventure begins here, where history, luxury, and wildlife converge in the heart of Botswana’s wilderness.

Duba Plains Camp (Okavango Delta) Botswana - www.photo-safaris.com


The Okavango Community Trust:

Zimbabwe's famous "Campfire" principles have been put into place at Duba Plains. The villagers who live outside the Delta have formed the Okavango Community Trust.

They have been given this area to administer by the government as a photographic Tourism preserve. The Trust accrues significant financial benefits, employment and training from Duba Plains, which filters down to the villagers who live north of the Okavango.


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