Damaraland Camp (Damaraland Region) Namibia


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Damaraland Camp is a rare venture which integrates the local villagers, the environment and sustainable wildlife. Located on the north face of the Huab River Valley, 90 km. from Torra Bay on Namibia's Skeleton Coast, the camp presents endless vistas across stark plains, ancient valleys and soaring peaks. The brooding mass of the Brandberg provides a focal point, almost 100 km. to the south.

Early morning mists (fog) generated by the Atlantic and the warm land mass along the Skeleton Coast drift inland along the river line, providing sustenance to varied life forms. The river flows only once or twice during the short rain season, seldom breaking through the dunes to the ocean.


Damaraland Camp with Wilderness Safaris - www.africansafaris.trave


Nine comfortable walk-in tents, face the valley view and each has en-suite facilities and a roomy verandah. The main living area combines dining and pub under canvass, and an open fire is enjoyed during calm evenings. The camp features a lovely rock pool.


Damaraland Camp with Wilderness Safaris - www.photo-safaris.com


Game Viewing / Activities:

Wildlife is not concentrated, and the natural laws of food and water availability indicate the movement and cycles of the rare and endangered Desert Elephant, Black Rhino, Oryx, Kudu, Springbok and other species that have to come to terms with life in a desert environment. Activities center around nature drives and walks into the Huab River system

Damaraland Camp with Wilderness Safaris - www.photo-safaris.com

Working with the community...

The camp is the result of more than two year's work with the "Riemvasmaker" people of the area, and our joint philosophy now provides the blueprint for future community Tourism projects in Namibia. With the assistance of the Integrated Rural Development & Nature Conservation, the World Wildlife Fund, and other concerned organizations, we believe we have put in place the seeds of a truly sustainable asset.

Damaraland Camp with Wilderness Safaris - www.photo-safaris.com

Through the camp providing income, training and pride of ownership, the community are realizing the value of their wildlife assets. They are actively involved in the protection and management of wildlife and the land we are privileged to share with them. Star gazing is "par excellence", with crystal-clear night skies. There are no fences in the area which gives one a complete feeling of freedom not often found, but in Namibia!


  Accommodation Rates:- From $490 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary