Camp Hwange (Hwange National Park) Zimbabwe


Camp Hwange -


Ideally situated in a private concession inside the Hwange National Park, just 3 hours by road from Victoria Falls, Camp Hwange, the newest safari camp to be built in Hwange, consists of 8 comfortable chalet-tents.

We offer the chance to have a unique experience with excellent safaris both by vehicle or on foot, plus the chance to do night drives. The guides, arguably considered to be amongst the best in Africa, known for their love of nature and the wide open spaces, offer you a chance to discover the world where you are a part of the mosaic of life.

A stay at Camp Hwange is more than a great safari, it is an experience of life.


Camp Hwange -

The area:

Camp Hwange is ideally located in a perfect area, shaded on the one side by a Teak forest, the other side overlooks a large open plain, and close to that are vast areas of Mopane forest which attract a variety of animals and birds, with the diversity of fauna and flora ensuring that safaris are fascinating and captivating.

The nearby rocky outcrops around the Masuna area add another unique aspect to walking as the diminutive Klipspringer and Leopard frequent this area. A thatched observation post at the Masuna waterhole is the perfect spot to quietly marvel at the massive herds of Elephants and Buffalos who daily quench their thirst, peacefully sharing this oasis with Kudu, Zebra, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Baboon and many others. The resident hippos serenade the groups with their characteristic grunts and snorts. Doves, Sparrows and chatty Hornbills constantly fly in and around, under the watchful eye of the ever present Raptors. This is a photographer’s paradise, and a visual feast for the observer’s soul.


Camp Hwange -


Further down the road the Mandavu dam is also a popular watering hole for the Elephants and all their drinking mates. As the dam is so large, naturally it is home to large numbers of crocodiles and several families of noisy hippos. Walking around this area, game viewing is guaranteed to be a real treat. There are several perennial waterholes (Shumba, Dwarf Goose Pan, Mopane Pan to name a few) surrounding Camp Hwange.

As the resident lions habitually walk from waterhole to waterhole, preying on the unsuspecting creatures, whose sole intention is drinking from these life saving waters. So the walks in this vicinity can prove to be adventurous and thrilling. Added to all this the wide open plains make this area suitable for the elusive Cheetah and the endangered Wild Dogs, and is also home to the nocturnal Serval, Black Backed Jackal and Spotted Hyenas.

Honey Badgers make their busy presence known around camp much to the dismay of the cooking staff, however, delightful to the clients. The richness of the flora and fauna in this area has something for everyone.


Camp Hwange -



Camp Hwange is an 8 Chalet/Tents, 16 bedded camp overlooking a permanent waterhole.

Each spacious and airy thatched Chalet/Tent is furnished with stylish simplicity, with en-suite bathroom facilities for your total comfort.

The Chalets and Tents have their own large surrounding area at ground level with a complete vista of the waterhole so that in the luxury and privacy of your own space you may observe and truly appreciate the wonder of animals in Africa, in their natural habitat.

Wanting to only leave a ‘green footprint’, conservation was the driving force in the construction of Camp Hwange. Solar energy provides all the hot water and power to the camp. Building materials have been chosen to blend in with the surrounding bush.


Camp Hwange -



The main lodge is made up of a big lounge and a beautiful restaurant where you will savor delicious dinners.

The decoration is sober and has been handled with taste, in an African atmosphere. In the middle of bushes, the camp is on the same level everywhere and will you have a dizzying sensation of uniting with nature.

One of this camp’s particularities also concerns its ecological commitment. Indeed the electricity which is produced comes from solar energy.

Camp Hwange’s intimacy and comfort are very much appreciated and the best service is absolutely guaranteed. The main building is also covered by a thatched roof with very unusual shapes. It was built there specifically to observe the water source to which many animals come and drink at, next to a several century-old ebony.


Camp Hwange -


The Camp Fire:

This is the heart of safari life and one of the features of Camp Hwange. Gather around the camp fire watching the early morning sunrise, sipping cups of tea or coffee, being warmed by the heat of the dancing flames as you listen to the multitude of bird calls, enthralled by the gradual hues of the skies changing colours as the bush slowly wakes to greet a new day with all its possibilities.

Evenings around the fire side are a chance to share with others the sightings, experiences and some of the many emotions that have filled you with perhaps wonder, awe and gratitude, the realization of ‘being in the real Africa’, away from ‘the world’, the soul peace it brings to you as you take time out, savouring a sundowner in the true sense of the word, to then be treated to a delicious dinner.

The latter part of the evening enjoying and participating in the tales from your guides and fellow travellers, as laughter and camaraderie complete the perfect day, or if you choose to sit silently and gaze at the vast expanse of the star filled African sky.


Camp Hwange -



Camp Hwange reverts back to the concept the original safari, where activities centered on being immersed in the wild, walking being the main activity. During walks with well trained and experienced guides you will track and follow some of the most feared animals of Africa, secure in the knowledge that your guides and trackers are competent in all aspects of this exciting adventure.

Not only will you get the chance to see the well known dangerous animals, sightings and the habits of the smaller, lesser known species and aspects of the African bush will be explained you, giving you an insight into the mysteries of how all things depend on each other.


 Accommodation Rates:- From 385 per person per night sharing. Please contact us for a quote and suggested itinerary